Level 80 Tempest Of Set Stygians Female on Doomsayer

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    Total Gold: 24
    Best Way To Sum Main Characters Equipment: 6 - Best Gear Possible
    Select the number of alternative characters over level 30:
    Alternative Characters Server: Doomsayer
    Alternative Characters Level: 61
    Alternative Characters Class: Guardian
    Describe Alternative Characters Equipment: Guardian equipment: 1 EPIC: Deepwound 9 blues: Watchman's Armguard, Heretic's Girdle, Heretic's Boots, Warharbor tasset, Battlespite, Cloak of ibis, Battlebrawn necklet, Stalwart Ring, Bloodtaint band 4 Greens: Leonid battlehelm, Arena vambraces, Biting gauntlet , Somatic steel-ring hauberk, leoric's spear arm. Stardard Mount, 26+ blues ranging from 18-80.
    Alternative Characters Server: Doomsayer
    Alternative Characters Level: 57
    Alternative Characters Class: Ranger
    Describe Alternative Characters Equipment: Ranger equipment: Couple of blues, quest items and greens. No mount.
    Describe Equipment: Tos equipment: 10 Epics (Miter of the riftcaller T2-head, Bracers of the riftcaller T2, Armbands of the riftcaller T2, Girdle of the riftcaller T2-Belt, Gyre of the riftcaller-Hand, Gida of the cloudcleaver-Shirt, Telkari of the cloudcleaver-chest, Tongue of the vengeful serpent-Polearm, Black Dragon Claok and Necklace of the tireless sagacity Blues: Empyreal boots, Bluesteel mace and Reinforced heavy scutum.

    Additional Information
    The toon has standard mount, Mammoth&Rhino mount, Drinking cape, and mount bags. The inventory has 4 epics: 3 tier 1 items, and 1 epic dagger. The bank has over 20+ blue BOE, gems and supplies. The toon has done all the tiers for gathering: Mining, tree cutting, prospecting etc!

    Total Gold
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