Level 80 Male Night Elf Druid

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    Main Character Information
    Estimated Sellable Gear for Gold: 165
    Mount Type: Flying
    Honor Points: 2665
    Arena Points: 0
    Raid/Dungeon Keys:
    PVP Title:
    Numbers of characters you wish to describe gear for:
    Your Characters Server: Frostmane EURO - Alliance
    Your Characters Class: Druid
    Your Characters Level: 80
    Name of Shoulder: Runecaster's Mantle
    Shoulder Summary: Rare
    Name of Neck: Amulet of Dazzling Light
    Neck Summary: Rare
    Name of Back: Reanimator's Cloak
    Back Summary: Rare
    Name of Chest: Ymirjar Physician's Robe
    Chest Summary: Rare
    Name of Wrist: Putrescent Bands
    Wrist Summary: Tier 6 or Better
    Name of Hands: Awakened Handguards
    Hands Summary: Rare
    Name of Waist: Sash of the Wizened Wyrm
    Waist Summary: Rare
    Name of L: Earthgiving Legguards
    L Summary: Tier 6 or Better
    Name of Feet: Earthgiving Boots
    Feet Summary: Tier 6 or Better
    Name of Finger 1: Lion's Head Ring
    Summary of Finger 1: Rare
    Name of Finger 2: Kurzel's Angst
    Summary of Finger 2: Rare
    Name of Main Hand: Totemic Purification Rod
    Summary of Main Hand: Rare
    Name of Secondary Hand: Scepter of Passionate Reprisal
    Summary of Secondary Hand: Uncommon
    Name of Ranged: Idol of Arcane Terror
    Summary Ranged: Rare
    Name of Trinket: Cannoneer's Fuselighter
    Summary Trinket: Rare
    Select the number of professions over 225:
    Number of Alts over Level 50?:
    Alternate Character Server: Frostmane EURO - Alliance
    Alternate Character Level: 56
    Alternate Character Class: Death Knight
    Character Transferrable To New Server?: Yes
    What Country Are You Located: Norway
    Burning Crusade Enabled: Yes
    Wrath of the Lich King Enabled: Yes

    Additional Information

    Total Gold
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