Level 80 Male High Elf Enchanter on Povar

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    Main Characters AA Points: 1730
    Main Characters HP: 14980
    Main Characters Mana: 16508
    Main Characters AC: 1821
    Main Characters Epic: 2.0
    Have A Magelo/EQPlayer Profile?: Yes
    Main Characters Equipment (Describe): eqplayers.station.sony/character_profile.vm?characterId=528281251737
    Main Characters Equipment Summarize: 4 - Good Equipment (Fully Geared)
    All Veteran Rewards (Describe): All up to new expansion
    All Keys (Describe): Keyring - Key to Charasis Keyring - Skyshrine Key Keyring - Tower of Frozen Shadows Key Keyring - Key to the lower depths of the Ruins of Lxanvom Keyring - Talisman of Thunderous Foyer Keyring - With your talisman, you may enter into Drunder as if you were Diaku Keyring - Passkey of the Twelve Keyring - Enchanted Ring of Torden Keyring - You can pass freely through the barrier surrounding Qvic Keyring - You can safely enter Anguish, the Fallen Palace Dreadspire - Access granted Demi-Plane of Blood - Access Granted Depths of Darkhollow - Defeated Emperor Draygun Depths of Darkhollow - Council of Nine Defeated Depths of Darkhollow - Queen Sendaii Defeated Depths of Darkhollow - Matriarch Shyra Defeated Depths of Darkhollow - Bloodeye Defeated Demi-Plane of Blood - Defeated Mayong Mistmoore Prophecy of Ro - Gained access to Deathknell, Tower of Dissonance. Depths of Darkhollow - You have been formally invited as a guest to Dreadspire Keep
    All Flags (Describe): Up to "You have gained access to Solteris"
    All Tradeskills (Describe): None Mastered
    How Many Alts over Level 30?:
    Total Days Played On Account: 164
    Expansions: All
    Characters Transferrable?: Yes

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Thread Status:
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