Level 80 Female Night Elf Druid

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    Account Information
    List Level of Professions : Hermalism- 450, Inscription- 450, Mining- 450 (alt), Engineering- 450 (alt), First Aid- 450 (alt), Cooking- 375 (alt), Fishing- 377 (alt)
    Mount Type: WOTLK
    Name Your Mounts: Veridian Netherwing Drake, Black War Tiger, Bronze Drake, Black War Bear, Black War Mammoth, Epic Flight Form
    Riding Skill: 300
    Honor Points: 30000
    Arena Points: 400
    Raid/Dungeon Keys: Viewing Room, Shadow Labyrinth, The Masters Key, Flamewrought Key, Prison Cell Key, Shadowforge Key, Key To The City, The Scarlet Key, Crescent Key, Workshop Key, Auchenai Key, Reservoir Key, Warpforged Key, Key Of Time, The Violet Hold Key
    PVP Title:
    Number of Other Characters Above Level 50 On Account:
    Alternative Characters Server: Chromaggus EURO - Alliance
    Alternative Characters Level: 80
    Alternative Characters Class: Warlock
    Alternative Characters Server:
    Alternative Characters Level:
    Alternative Characters Class:
    Alternative Characters Server:
    Alternative Characters Level:
    Alternative Characters Class:
    Number Of Characters You Wish To Describe Gear:
    The Characters Server: Chromaggus EURO - Alliance
    The Characters Class: Druid
    The Characters Level: 80
    Shoulders: Hateful Gladiators Dragonhide Spaulders
    Shoulders Summary: 80 EPIC - PVP
    Neck: Deadly Gladiators Pendant of Triumph
    Neck Summary: 80 EPIC - PVP
    Head: Hateful Gladiators Dragonhide Helm
    Head Summary: 80 EPIC - PVP
    Back: Deadly Gladiators Pendant of Triumph
    Back Summary: 80 EPIC - PVP
    Chest: Hateful Gladiators Dragonhide Robes
    Chest Summary: 80 EPIC - PVP
    Wrist: Deadly Gladiators Armwraps of Triumph
    Wrist Summary: 80 EPIC - PVP
    Hands: Hateful Gladiators Dragonhide Gloves
    Hands Summary: 80 EPIC - PVP
    Waist: Deadly Gladiators Belt of Triumph
    Waist Summary: 80 EPIC - PVP
    L: Hateful Gladiators Dragonhide Legguards
    L Summary: 80 EPIC - PVP
    Feet: Treads of the Invader
    Feet Summary: 80 RARE
    Finger 1: Hateful Gladiators Band of Triumph
    Finger 1 Summary: 80 EPIC - PVP
    Finger 2: Deadly Gladiators Band of Victory
    Finger 2 Summary: 80 EPIC - PVP
    Trinket: Medallion of the Alliance
    Trinket Summary: 80 EPIC - PVP
    Main Hand: The Undeath Carrier
    Main Hand Summary: 80 RARE
    Secondary Hand:
    Secondary Hand Summary:
    Ranged: Ravenous Beast
    Ranged Summary: 80 RARE
    Character Transferable To New Server?: Yes
    If selected no, when will it be transferrable?:
    Burning Crusade Enabled: Yes
    Wrath of the Lich King Enabled: Yes

    Additional Information
    PVP/PVE full epic feral druid, PVP full epic feral dps gear, 700resi, PVE full epic tank gear (naxx25,eye,ulduar) over 40000hp in bear,epic rare mounts+ flying epic rare mounts. Professions: herbalism:450, inscription:450+rare recipes, 660inscriptions, dual spec. Alt:warlock 80, engineering+ mining 450skill, cooking, fishing 375skill, first aid 450skill, epic rare mount, flying epic rare mounts.

    Total Gold
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