Level 80 Druid Tauren Female Chromaggus EURO - Horde

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    Account Information
    List Level of Professions : Alchemy/JC
    Mount Type: WOTLK
    Name Your Mounts: GoTR 10, GOtUR 10/25, GOTICCR 10, zhulian tiger
    Riding Skill: 300
    Honor Points: 40000
    Arena Points: 1000
    Raid/Dungeon Keys: few or so
    PVP Title: wasn't playing pvp
    Number of Other Characters Above Level 50 On Account:
    Alternative Characters Server: Karazhan EURO - Horde
    Alternative Characters Level: 80
    Alternative Characters Class: Druid
    Number Of Characters You Wish To Describe Gear:
    The Characters Server: Chromaggus EURO - Horde
    The Characters Class: Druid
    The Characters Level: 80
    Shoulders Summary: 80 EPIC - Tier 9.5
    Neck Summary: 80 RARE
    Head Summary: 80 EPIC - Tier 9.5
    Back Summary: 80 RARE
    Chest Summary: 80 RARE
    Wrist Summary: 80 RARE
    Hands Summary: 80 EPIC - Tier 9.5
    Waist Summary: 80 RARE
    L Summary: 80 EPIC - Tier 9.5
    Feet Summary: 80 RARE
    Finger 1:
    Finger 1 Summary: 80 RARE
    Finger 2:
    Finger 2 Summary: 80 RARE
    Trinket Summary: 80 RARE
    Main Hand: Legendary
    Main Hand Summary: 80 RARE
    Secondary Hand:
    Secondary Hand Summary: 80 RARE
    Ranged Summary: 80 RARE
    Character Transferable To New Server?: Yes
    If selected no, when will it be transferrable?:
    Is The Account Merged With Battle: Yes
    Burning Crusade Enabled: Yes
    Wrath of the Lich King Enabled: Yes
    Your Country Region: *None Of The Above*

    Additional Information
    I've finally decided to quit this game, therefor I'm selling my account. This account has gear for almost all specs, including resto, feral dps( kitty ) and balance ( boomkin). Restoration gear 6.4k gearscore with Legendary mace Val'anyr and rest full icc25men HC gear. Boomkin gear has around 6.2-6.3k gs, icc 25men normal/hc gear and feral has around 6.1k gs. I've achieved alot with with character, full naxx, full ulduar hc with both mounts, full togc 5/5 insanity, full icc on 10 and 25men 12/12 hc. Got both, bane of fallen king( 10men LK kill on HC) and light of dawn ( 25men LK kill on HC). Aswell with 2 realm firsts, algalon ( Celestral Defender) and yogg saron 0 keepers ( Death's Demise). Yes, I got full info of this account from keys, to secret answer. I have 10k gold atm. From mounts I have Glory of the hero( red proto drake), Glory of the Raider 10, Glory of the Ulduar Raider 10/25men, Glory of the Icecrown raider 10men and miss few for 25men and I've achieved Zulian Tiger from ZG. 7.2k achievement points, as I was never achiv hunter. I've got another lvl 80 druid, resto/boomkin. He has around 6.1k gs and a lvl 80 warrior fresh dinged. Yes, I really decided not to play anymore so I'm looking just for a fair price. , [email protected] add me on and we'll have a chat

    Total Gold
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