Level 80 Demonologist Stygians Female on Wiccana

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    Best Way To Sum Main Characters Equipment: 5 - Amazing Gear
    Select the number of alternative characters over level 30:
    Alternative Characters Server: Wiccana
    Alternative Characters Level: 50
    Alternative Characters Class: Assasin
    Describe Alternative Characters Equipment: This Assassin was the free level 50 character that Funcom gave out as a promotion for people to come back to the game and play more classes. He's got a sweet name and he starts out with all of the crafted uncommon (green) armor for his level. He has a horse as well and the character under the account has all of the exclusives associated with it.
    Describe Equipment: The Demonologist's armor is a full suit of crafted Darkfate Cultural Armor. This armor is topped only by T2 Raid armor. Many would argue that the Cultural Armor is actually tougher to get because it requires recipes which are extremely hard to find. The Darkfate Armor she is wearing is almost completely gemmed and buffs her stats like crazy. She has several items which I have rarely seen. She has an Adventurer's Bag (Which allows the character to have the most amount of additional inventory slots) as well as a Swift horse (The only one I've seen on the server) She also has the Cultural staff (Lemurian Firestick). She has 88 gold and a few rare items in the bank. She's PVP spec'd and all ready to go. She's got all of the exclusives associated with the account.

    Additional Information
    This account is EXTREMELY RARE. It is the only Complimentary Account (Lifetime Account) I have ever heard of Funcom giving away. It grants 20 character slots (10 more than what would be alotted on a normal account) as well as all of the Exclusive items released by Funcom. The most intriguing part is that this account is absolutely free to play until eternity. It doesn't even ask for any payment information under the account. This account is a one of a kind.

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