Level 80 Death Knight Night Elf Male Darksorrow EURO - Alliance

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    Account Information
    List Level of Professions : Mining 450 Jewelcrafting 450
    Mount Type: Epic Flying
    Name Your Mounts: Acherus Deathcharger Armored brown bear Azure Netherwing Drake Black War bear Black War Elekk Bronze Drake mount Ebon Gryphon Grand Ice Mammoth Onyx Netherwing Drake Snow Gryphon Swift Frostsaber Swift red Gryphon Veridian Netherwing Drake White Polar bear mount
    Riding Skill: 300
    Honor Points: 27470
    Arena Points: 0
    Raid/Dungeon Keys: 2
    PVP Title: Jenkins
    Number of Other Characters Above Level 50 On Account:
    Number Of Characters You Wish To Describe Gear:
    Character Transferable To New Server?: Yes
    If selected no, when will it be transferrable?:
    Burning Crusade Enabled: Yes
    Wrath of the Lich King Enabled: Yes

    Additional Information
    level 80 Death knight Name: Shadowkillow This death knight is an tank with good gear. Its also my farmer i make all my gold with him. in 1 hour you can get 1k gold with mining combined with jewelcrafting. He also got lots of epic mounts like Netherwind drakes Grand ice mammoth and White polar bear. Level 80 Human Warlock Name: Gotexchin I raided a lot on this character. And was always on the top 3 list of damage in raids. he got around 6k dps. Level 63 Mage Name:Drainai This is my mage twink. only focused in pvp. He is epic geared and if you know how to play a mage its a lot of fun in bg / arena Maybe some other importants things to know.. On Shadowkillow and Gotexchin i got Dual specc. i still have some stuff on the account like gems and epic gear. He is still active untill 6 sept 09

    Total Gold
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