Level 80 Bear Shaman Cimmerians Male Deathwhisper

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    Best Way To Sum Main Characters Equipment: 4 - Good Full Gear
    Select the number of alternative characters over level 30:
    Alternative Characters Server: Deathwhisper
    Alternative Characters Level: 54
    Alternative Characters Class: Ranger
    Describe Alternative Characters Equipment: Good/Decent Blue Gear.
    Describe Equipment: Good Blue gear on both toons.

    Additional Information
    Priest of Mitra [Vaio] Has Full Tier 0 Set, Tier 1 Belt,Shield,Talisman. EPIC - [Aegis Of 5 Mercies Shield], [Axis Of unearthy Accord Staff] , [dagger of envy fury], [neclace of tireless sagacity] [saintly protector], [LIFE SWATHE MANTLE CLOAK] , 3 different horses 7 gold Full Holy Dmg Gem Suit, 6 Natural Stam Regen Suit, Pvp lvl 1 and 2 suit. Various Tradeskill resourses, able to farm all. Demonologist [Kisami] lvl 73 - Basic Gear, 1 horse, 13 gold,

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Not open for further replies.