Level 65 Minstrel Hobbit Male on Laurelin

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    Main Characters Destiny Points: 6000
    Main Characters Equipment (Rate It): 6 - Best Possible Equipment (Fully Geared)
    Main Characters Equipment (Describe): Summary lifetime account: lvl 65 minstrel and lvl 65 champion: Approx. 5000 Turbine points (+500 TP each month because of the lifetime) 120 spots in the vault, all expansions unlocked Top end house in the hobbit area 450gold Minstrel: Short summary: •165 radiance •450gold •4/6 BG gear •4/6 DN gear •9 T9 relics •1 awesome healing weapon (3rd age) and 1 perfect songbook (2nd age), 1 good dps weapon (2nd age) •Supreme master scholar (+kindred with guild), SM farmer •3134 Skirmish marks •4 superior third marks •6 legendary fragments •Variaty in jewellery (see below) •Able to get 5k morale and 5k power Full list of equipment: •Radiance gear: oBG raid: Hat, Boots, Robe, Gloves oDN raid: Hat, shoes, robe, leggings oWatcher raid: Gloves, shoulders oBartered radiance: Rhymer’s gloves, songmaster shoulders •Jewelery: oEquipped: Curuloch (Halls of Crafting), Amartloch, Sage’s greenwood necklace, treasury stone (watcher raid), handechor (BG raid), Curunechor (HoC), glowing aureate band of tactics x2 oIn vault: Glass flask, manadhgor (watcher raid), mikel-baug (watcher raid), ril-mir, wristlet of laurelindorenan, amartloch, amarthrin x2, filegor, floral earring, manadhringor x2, ranger’s greendwood ring x2, rollos, ranger’s greendwood earring x2, spry ring x2, turingor x2 •Weapons and songbook: oHealing weapon, 3rd age, lvl 70: +18 tactical healing rating -10% threat from healing -600 rally cooldown +12 soliloquoy of Spirit HoT pulses +19 fate -300 triumphant spirit cooldown +20 vitality Settings: 3 T9 relics + 1 crafted relic with healing output oDPS weapon: 2nd age, lvl 70: +19 tactical damage rating +30% tier 2 ballad damage +15% call to fate critical multiplier -10 rally cooldown +30% piercing cry damage -960 call to war resistance chance -10 triumphant spirit cooldown Settings: 3 T9 relics, 1 crafted relic with damage output oHealing songbook: 2nd age, lvl 70 (this one is insane ;)) -1% perceived threat +19 tactical healing rating +10 healing & motivation skills +2% ballad of war magnitude +10% Bolster Courage healing +7% inspire fellows healing +16 will -10% healing power cost +1% raise the spirit healing Settings: 3 t9 relics, one crafted relic with healing output •Shields: oEquipped: Gornthan oIn vault: Bori’s light shield, heroic’s noble’s light shield, superb lothlorien light shield, righ-targaid, superior light shield of the golden host •Cloaks: oEquipped: lothlorien hooded cloak of the ancestor oIn vault: lothlorien hooded cloak of the huntsman, harbinger’s cloak
    Main Characters Stats (Describe): You can easily get to 5k power and morale with gear switching.
    Select the number of characters over Level 20:
    Alternative Characters Server: Laurelin
    Alternative Characters Level: 65
    Alternative Characters Gender: Female
    Alternative Characters Class: Champion
    Alternative Characters Destiny Points: 6000
    Alternative Characters Stats (Describe): 40g 125 radiance 2nd age 2hander sword lvl 40: oReduced cooldown for battle frenzy o+2.7% damage for feral/savage strikes o2.7% damage for wild attack o+1% damage for brutal strikes o+9.7% damage for relentless/remorseless strikes o+50% critical damage multiplier SM tailor (+ kindred with guild), SM forester. T4 prospector.
    Alternative Characters Skills (Describe): medium geared champion at level cap.
    Alternative Characters Equipment (Describe): see stats
    All Assets (Describe): Deluxe House, lots of hides in house containers. 5000 turbine points.
    Lifetime Membership: Yes
    Expansions: All expansions unlocked

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