Level 65 Male Hobbit Minstrel on Laurelin

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    "Main Characters Destiny Points: 6000
    Main Characters Equipment (Rate It): 6 - Best Possible Equipment (Fully Geared)
    Main Characters Equipment (Describe): Summary lifetime account: lvl 65 minstrel and lvl 65 champion: Approx. 5000 Turbine points (+500 TP each month because of the lifetime) 120 spots in the vault, all expansions unlocked Top end house in the hobbit area 450gold Minstrel: Short summary: • 165 radiance • 450gold • 4/6 BG gear • 4/6 DN gear • 9 T9 relics • 1 awesome healing weapon (3rd age) and 1 perfect songbook (2nd age), 1 good dps weapon (2nd age) • Supreme master scholar (+kindred with guild), SM farmer • 3134 Skirmish marks • 4 superior third marks • 6 legendary fragments • Variaty in jewellery (see below) • Able to get 5k morale and 5k power Full list of equipment: • Radiance gear: o BG raid: Hat, Boots, Robe, Gloves o DN raid: Hat, shoes, robe, leggings o Watcher raid: Gloves, shoulders o Bartered radiance: Rhymer’s gloves, songmaster shoulders • Jewelery: o Equipped: Curuloch (Halls of Crafting), Amartloch, Sage’s greenwood necklace, treasury stone (watcher raid), handechor (BG raid), Curunechor (HoC), glowing aureate band of tactics x2 o In vault: Glass flask, manadhgor (watcher raid), mikel-baug (watcher raid), ril-mir, wristlet of laurelindorenan, amartloch, amarthrin x2, filegor, floral earring, manadhringor x2, ranger’s greendwood ring x2, rollos, ranger’s greendwood earring x2, spry ring x2, turingor x2 • Weapons and songbook: o Healing weapon, 3rd age, lvl 70:  +18 tactical healing rating  -10% threat from healing  -600 rally cooldown  +12 soliloquoy of Spirit HoT pulses  +19 fate  -300 triumphant spirit cooldown  +20 vitality  Settings: 3 T9 relics + 1 crafted relic with healing output o DPS weapon: 2nd age, lvl 70:  +19 tactical damage rating  +30% tier 2 ballad damage  +15% call to fate critical multiplier  -10 rally cooldown  +30% piercing cry damage  -960 call to war resistance chance  -10 triumphant spirit cooldown  Settings: 3 T9 relics, 1 crafted relic with damage output o Healing songbook: 2nd age, lvl 70 (this one is insane ;))  -1% perceived threat  +19 tactical healing rating  +10 healing & motivation skills  +2% ballad of war magnitude  +10% Bolster Courage healing  +7% inspire fellows healing  +16 will  -10% healing power cost  +1% raise the spirit healing  Settings: 3 t9 relics, one crafted relic with healing output • Shields: o Equipped: Gornthan o In vault: Bori’s light shield, heroic’s noble’s light shield, superb lothlorien light shield, righ-targaid, superior light shield of the golden host • Cloaks: o Equipped: lothlorien hooded cloak of the ancestor o In vault: lothlorien hooded cloak of the huntsman, harbinger’s cloak
    Main Characters Stats (Describe): You can easily get to 5k power and morale with gear switching.
    Select the number of characters over Level 20:
    Alternative Characters Server: Laurelin
    Alternative Characters Level: 65
    Alternative Characters Gender: Female
    Alternative Characters Class: Champion
    Alternative Characters Destiny Points: 6000
    Alternative Characters Stats (Describe): 40g 125 radiance 2nd age 2hander sword lvl 40: o Reduced cooldown for battle frenzy o +2.7% damage for feral/savage strikes o 2.7% damage for wild attack o +1% damage for brutal strikes o +9.7% damage for relentless/remorseless strikes o +50% critical damage multiplier SM tailor (+ kindred with guild), SM forester. T4 prospector.
    Alternative Characters Skills (Describe): medium geared champion at level cap.
    Alternative Characters Equipment (Describe): see stats
    All Assets (Describe): Deluxe House, lots of hides in house containers. 5000 turbine points.
    Lifetime Membership: Yes
    Expansions: All expansions unlocked

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