Level 65 Male Hobbit Guardian on Snowbourn

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    Main Characters Destiny Points: 584
    Main Characters Equipment (Rate It): 4 - Good Equipment (Fully Geared)
    Main Characters Equipment (Describe): helm of strong defender(also helm of lady,s defence DN raid),shoulder of strong defender (have also shoulders of lady,s defence DN raid),shield-masters breastplate (BG raid),stone guards gauntlets,stone guards leggings,boots of the strong defender.
    Main Characters Stats (Describe): might 496,agility 464,vitality 585,will 111,fate 122
    Select the number of characters over Level 20:
    Alternative Characters Server: Snowbourn
    Alternative Characters Level: 65
    Alternative Characters Gender: Male
    Alternative Characters Class: Burglar
    Alternative Characters Destiny Points: 584
    Alternative Characters Stats (Describe): might 452,agility 448,vitality 498,will 200,fate 300
    Alternative Characters Skills (Describe):
    Alternative Characters Equipment (Describe): dungeon crawler hood/shoulder and boots,deft blade leggings/gloves and chest,cloak of greyhammer...all raid ready with 120 radiance gear
    All Assets (Describe): 4 scrolls of empowerment,3 scrolls of delving,1 scroll of might,1 scroll of vitality,2 legendary fragment,2 mithril flakes
    Lifetime Membership: No
    Expansions: angmar expansion,mines of moria,mirkwood and enedwaith.

    Additional Information
    still need some work on the traits

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Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.