Level 65 Male Elf Hunter on Brandywine

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    Main Characters Destiny Points: 21228
    Main Characters Equipment (Rate It): 5 - Uber Equipment (Fully Geared)
    Main Characters Equipment (Describe): listing names, you can google them for stats: diamond stud golden earring many gemmed necklace angechor x2 carved sapphire ring x2 Erebrandir's horseshoe/decorative carapace (alternates) Halbarad's Helm Daervunn's Spaulders Cloak of Galadhrim Jacket of the Great Bow Gauntlets of the Great Bow Leggings of the Great Bow Boots of the Great Bow Melee Legendary: Sword min lv. 65 26/60 106-177 Common 74.6 DPS needful haste duration find the path movement speed blindside crit rating max targets for AOE skills stealth detection power restored by deep setting of reflex ruby gem of nobility profound rune of the swift step offhand melee: Malendol's Sword ranged legendary: crowwbow min lv. 65 61/70 132-240 84.5 DPS +8 to ancient evil induction bow crit multi ranged skill block chance mod induction bow power cost focus bow power cost merciful shot cool induction bow threat down gold setting of nimbleness ruby gem of respite deep rune of the forest symbol of accuracy superior tools of the woodsman major tome of the wind-rider have multiple mounts best is +62% speed with 250 morale.
    Main Characters Stats (Describe): might: 308 agility: 585 vitality: 461 will: 194 fate: 338 morale: 4632 power: 2788 melee: 1830 range: 6240 melee crit: 1522 range crit: 3980 have all skills/travel locations
    Select the number of characters over Level 20:
    Alternative Characters Server: Brandywine
    Alternative Characters Level: 34
    Alternative Characters Gender: Female
    Alternative Characters Class: Guardian
    Alternative Characters Destiny Points: 21228
    Alternative Characters Stats (Describe): might: 146 agility: 50 vitality: 207 will: 71 fate: 101 morale: 2397 power: 1010 melee: 1460 range: 200 melee crit: 372: range: 100
    Alternative Characters Skills (Describe): all skills up to level 34 for guardian, tinkerer vocation w/ max cooking, artisan prospector and expert jeweller
    Alternative Characters Equipment (Describe): white gold earring x2 platinum necklace brilliant silver bracelet band of the brown wizard bright gold ring x2 derudh's stone refined dwarf-craft axe rodamath fine lebethron crossbow superior steel tools forge-crafted dwarf-make helm dorge-crafted shoulder guards luth-feld thick dwarf-make steel armour dori's defenders well-crafted leggings well-crafted boots
    All Assets (Describe): deluxe house, bunch of stuff in inventories
    Lifetime Membership: Yes
    Expansions: mines of moria collectors seige of mirkwood collectors pre-order isengard basic

    Additional Information
    home in bree-land homesteads, deluxe, close to fully furnished. have had account for almost 3 years. have dedicated a lot of time. 41
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