Level 65 Captain Man Male on Elendilmir

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    Main Characters Equipment: 5 - Uber Equipment (Fully Geared)
    Describe Characters Equipment: 5/6 Vile Maw Gear. DN Shoulders. 2 insidious cuffs, 2 diamond studs, new mirkwood gear for cloak, trinket, and necklace. Variety of costume gear in vault. 2 second age halberds, one for DPS and group buffs, the second for single buffs. One second age emblem with full tier 6 healing legacies and now discontinued war-cry duration buff. All supreme-master banners. Superior Tools of the Armourer Good supply of potions, most tier 6 recipes in vault.
    Main Characters Stats: Might: 495, Agility: 412, Vitality: 546, Will: 369, Fate: 422, All stats +50 with In Defence of Middle-Earth active. All traits, 15/20 virtues maxed, Supreme Master Armourer and Prospector, Master Tailor. Rank 5 in pvp. Kindred with 6 factions, ally with 3.
    Destiny Points: 2000
    Select the number of alts over level 30:
    Alternative Character Server: Elendilmir
    Alternative Character Level: 36
    Alternative Character Class: Hunter
    Lifetime Membership On Account: Yes

    Additional Information
    SoM upgraded (adventurer's pack), 9 character slots, new mount, shared vault storage. One house, all vault spaces open, a few rare world drops in shared vault space for low level alts.

    Total Gold
Thread Status:
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