Level 63 Male Elf Hunter on Dwarrowdelf

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    Main Characters Destiny Points: 28233
    Main Characters Equipment (Rate It): 4 - Good Equipment (Fully Geared)
    Main Characters Equipment (Describe): Pieces of Graet Bow Set with quest reward items. Weapons include Reforged Hunters Bow of The Second Age (Level 48) Reforged Hunters Axe of the Second Age (Level 43)
    Main Characters Stats (Describe): Morale 3902 Power 1932 Armour 3550
    Select the number of characters over Level 20:
    All Assets (Describe): Shards 1265 239 Skirmish Marks 324 Malledhrim Bronze Feathers 4 Malledhrim Gold Star Emblems 56 Lothlorien Silver Branches 17 Lothlorien Gold Leaves 11 Medallions of Moria 1 Bright Emblem of Nimrodel 1140 Turbine Points Hauberk of the Greenwoods Ceremonial Razor Helm Cloak of Vigilance
    Lifetime Membership: No
    Expansions: Lone Lands North Downs Evendim Forochel Trollshaws Eregion Mines of Moria Misty Mountains Mirkwood Lothlorien

    Additional Information
    Kindred With Woodworkers Guild Kindred With Iron Garrison Miners Kindred With Iron Garrison Guards Kindred With Wardens of Annuminas Supreme Master Woodworker Supreme Master Forester Supreme Master Farmer

    Total Gold
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.