Level 63 Male Cimmerians Barbarian on Cimmeria

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    Main Characters Equipment (Rate It): 6 - Best Gear Possible
    Main Characters Equipment (Describe): Top Armor..jewellery..and weapon..got the rare code for the War Mamoth..Armors moslty rare..got alot of rare items and materials..Fading Black Horse..104 veteran tokens..premuim membership..3g cash...rare weapon and bow..rare jewellery..(claim War mamoth and a rare necklace)..bags are full with rare items and materials..Crafting..weaponsmith Adept..Gemcutter-Novice...Gathering- Prospector Artisan..Weaver- Artisan..Skinner-Artisan...Stonecutter-Artisan...Woodcutter-Artisan...Miner-Artisan...this account is awsome for anyone that wants to jump right in and kick some butt..this characters a great pvper!!! Plus was a very rare rare mount (War Mamoth) you get it from the collecter addention..from the began stages of this game!!! Very rare to see them still!!!
    Select the number of alternate characters over level 20:
    All Other Assets (Describe): tons of rare items and materials..all rare weapons,bow,jewellery,and armour..very rare War Mamoth code...104 veteran tokens..premuim account..and so much more!!!

    Additional Information
    lvl 63 barbarian..all rare gear..armour,weapons,bow,jewellery ..very rare War Mamoth code...premuim account..3g ... very good pvper..awsome character to play..Fading Black horse mount..top crafting weaponsmith (adept) Gemcutter novice..Gathering..Prospector artisan..Weaver- Artisan..Skinner-Artisan..Stonecutter-Artisan...Woodcutter-Artisan...Miner-Artisan..this account s it all..very good account..

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