Sold ***Level 60 with snow skin M416 and Ace s4 and s5 ** and link to facebook and tweeter available**

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    LEVEL 60 Crown1 Now

    Snow Skin For m416 available
    Ace Season 4 and season 5
    Link to facebook and tweeter available
    only synced on gmail

    Full information will be given: Email of Supercell ID with full access. Including Gmail and Password And Backup Codes

    ACCOUNT IS FULLY SECURED 100% and Lifetime Warranty

    Accounts are fully secured by me
    Account will be deliver in 15 min
    Full information will be given including gmail and password and backup codes

    For More Details And Price Negotiation Contact Me:

    line id : nima.de7332
    telegram : @nimade7332
    kik username : nima.dehghan
    skype : nima.de7332
    discord :: nima#2050

    Screenshot_20190227-233052.jpg Screenshot_20190227-233110.jpg Screenshot_20190227-233138.jpg Screenshot_20190227-233153.jpg Screenshot_20190227-233328.jpg Screenshot_20190227-233748.jpg Screenshot_20190227-233756.jpg Screenshot_20190227-233812.jpg Screenshot_20190227-233845.jpg
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