Level 60 Gladiator Elyos Male on Kahrun

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    Main Characters Professions (Describe): 480 alchemy 499 gathering 509 Weaponsmith
    Main Characters Equipment (Describe): Weapons +10 Kahrun's Spear fused with Colesium Spear lvl 55 2 condition + silence gs + 1 Kahrun's Bow fused with Colesium Bow lvl 55 2 condition + slow speed gs Barkama's Spear Jewelery: Full lvl 60 AP Eternal Accessory (except one Ring Lvl 55 Eternal AP) Lvl 60 AP Eternal Headgear (Guardian Commander Helm) Armory: Siel Set 3 Part Gonon 2 condition (Lvl 60 Eternal Colesium Armor) 2 Part Guardian Commander (Lvl 60 Eternal AP Armor) Miscs: Bike Mount (white one) Eternal Kahrun Wing + 1300 Kahrun's sympol 480 alchemy 499 gathering 509 Weaponsmith more than 750 mil kinah 45 Mithril Medals + 10 Platinum Medals + 150k AP Full kind of pets (alarm loot bag) 600 x Major Divine Life Serum a lot of Materials to craft scroll , pot ,etc a lot of manastone , enchantstone ,etc you can sell for more than 200m kinah Finished Godstone General Quest but still not take reward
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