Level 60 Cleric Elyos Male on Siel

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    Main Characters Equipment (Describe): Full Guardian Commander parts/Elite Guardian COmmander Warhammer(godstone -Gold Blind)/Guardian commander shield/Kahrin Peace staff +8 (11 pvp attack)(Godstone -Gold Silence)/Noble Sky Dragon Emperor's Malevite Glasses/Full Gonon set on Block(2900)/ Fulll Kahrun Set on MR(2300)/Stately Coliseum Champion Bandana/All the Stigmas Benevolence I + Call Lightning II/Title-From glory Arena(Ten-Time Champion)The best for cleric./2nd Mace Coliseum Champion's Cudgel+ NOble Coliseum Champion's Shield both 2 conditions weapons./Sharptooth Riper/328.630 AP
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