Level 60 Cleric Elyos Male on Israphel

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    Main Characters Hit Points: 10224
    Main Characters Mana: 5278
    Main Characters Abyss Points: 16435
    Main Characters Abyss Rank: Soldier, Rank 6
    Main Characters Skills (Describe):
    Main Characters Professions (Describe): none
    Main Characters Equipment (Describe):
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    Additional Information
    ========ARMOR======= Full Miragent Chain Armor Set. (worth probably 10m in skins, or you can make it a flight time set / mp set.) Full Rentus Cleric Chain Armor Set. (Rebel Cleric's Hauberk) - For example. (FULL SET--HP +95 Socketed.) Full Level 55 Eternal PVP Set. (Stately Coliseum Champion's Hauberk) - For example. (Full Set--Magic Resist +14 Socketed.) ----DYED WHITE---- 1x Piece Level 60 Eternal Daevanian Set. (+1 Siel's Forgotten Brogans--Socketed Full HP+95.) -- Chain Boots 1x Piece Level 60 Eternal (Primal Spirit Brogans Un-socketed.) -- Chain Boots =+=+=+=+=+WEAPONS+=+=+=+= 1x Elite Reian Peace Staff (Level 60--Un-socketed) (Gold part 3 of 4, 19% Atk Speed) 954 Kahrun Symbols to go Eternal (Best level 60 cleric staff in the game.) 1x Reian Legionary's Mace (Level 60--Un-socketed) (Blue part 2 of 4, 19% Atk Speed) 1,300 Kahrun Symbols to go Eternal (Best level 60 cleric mace in the game.) 1x Mudslime Mace (Level 55--Un-socketed) (Blue--19% Atk Speed) 1x Primal Spirit Shield (Gold) (Level 60--Socketed Magic resist +14) (Set piece 1 of 2, missing matching mace) 1x Adella's Mace (Gold) (Level 60--Socketed Magic Resist +14) =====ACCESSORIES===== 2x Level 60 Cursed Forest Turquoise Earrings (Best Level 60 boss drop PVE Earrings) 2x Level 60 Hidden Manor Turquoise Ring's (Best Level 60 boss drop PVE Ring's) 1x Level 60 Cursed Forest Sash (Best Level 60 boss drop PVE Belt) 1x Level 60 Elite Reian Turquoise Necklace (gold part 3 of 4) 400 Kahrun Symbols to Eternal (Which is the best level 60 PVE necklace.) ======HEADGEAR===== 1x Level 60 (Gold) Rebel Cleric's Chain Hood (goes with the Rentus Set) 1x Yndigo's Hairpin -- Level 60 (Gold) Magic Resist headgear (Wind Spirit Hat Skin) 1x Muada's Hairpin -- Level 58 (Gold) Magic Resist / HP / Strike Fort / Magic Sup headgear 1x Journeyman Essence tapping hat 299 skill points and below (gathering hat that shows gatherables on the radar for 299 and below) 1x Stately Coliseum Champion's Helm-- SKIN (on blank helmet can be skinned on a any helm) ----DYED WHITE like PVP set---- (worth 18m) 1x Elite Legion Uniform (not skinned to anything, can be skinned to anything!) Worth 13m. =====STIGMAS===== FULL PVE & PVP STIGMA SETS! All but 2 Stigmas are the highest skills you can currently get. PVE--Full Heal Spec. Grace of Empyrean Lord I - Sage's Wisdom I - Splendor of Purification I - Noble Grace I - Flash of Recovery VI - Splendor of Recovery IV - Splendor of Rebirth VI - Shatter Memory I - Ripple of Purification IV - Summon Healing Servant III - Benevolence I. (with 1 empty slot for whatever else you want.) PVP-- FULL DPS Spec. Summon Noble Energy I - Earth's Wraith V - Punishing Earth I - Chain of Suffering III - Enfeebling Burst III - Call Lightning II - Hand of Reincarnation I Also have Festering Wound I - Sympathetic Heal III - Saving Grace I ====ITEMS and MISC==== 2100x Altare Glass Bottle's (Used for Malevite Miasma extraction, can only buy 100 or so a day) 700x Aether Extractor's (For Magical Aether, etc.) 125x Cretos's Activator (For crumbly gathering -- which leads to gold weapons) 7115x Stigma Shards (For changing Stigma's out) 1x True Black Dye 3x Green Tea Dye 1x Hot Orange Dye 1x Hot Pink Dye 3x of the 4 Leaves needed for the Oriel Wing Quest (Spring Leaf / Autumn Leaf / Winter Leaf) 10x Platinum Medals 15x Mithril Medals 73x Guest Petals 7x Tiamat LEgion Epaulet's 1x Kung ** Manduri Pet Egg 113x Hearthbloom Fertilizer's 1x Blue Surfrider Mount 9x Beshmudir Temple Reset Scrolls -- worth 400k each 10x Elementis Forest Reset Scrolls -- worth 1m each 12x Argent Manor Reset Scrolls -- worth 1m each 17x Raksang Reset Scrolls -- worth 600k each 144x Expert Premium Armor Flux's (bought when they were 1k each worth anywhere from 100k - 800k each now) 176x Lesser Divine mana Serum's (Abyss mana potions) 130x Fine Mana Potions 108x Major Life Potions 562x Greater Run Scrolls 117x Cast Speed Scrolls 6,900 AP in items. Low level pvp accessories -- 1 lv30 ring, 1v30 Earring, 1 lv40 Belt, 2 lv40 necklaces (aterian atlas rewards) --PVE Set accessories do much better than the pvp accessories this character has. ====PETS==== 3x Loot pets, Flame bird / Pink Merrick / Angel pet 1x Poppy the porgus pet 1x Blue Mushroom 1x Roton Pet (10x Repeat Prize) 1x 12 slot Inventory Expansion Panda Pet 1x Purple Thing There are a few items that I didn't list, but at any rate this account has anything you could possibly need! This character has all the things that you need to have a great time on Aion Online. Whether its PVPing or PVEing this character has it all. It does still have plenty of things to do, so if you want to do them, you can. Cleric's are great in PVP, its one of 2 classes with the longest survivability rates in the game. You can also farm bosses with this character or do various other things solo or whatever you prefer! Thanks for reading and I hope you purchase this account from me! :p

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