Level 60 Cleric Elyos Female on Siel

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    Main Characters Hit Points: 10536
    Main Characters Mana: 8077
    Main Characters Abyss Points: 618651
    Main Characters Abyss Rank: 3 star officer
    Main Characters Skills (Describe): essensetapping 499 aethertapping 475
    Main Characters Professions (Describe): cooking 350
    Main Characters Equipment (Describe): full stormwing's set, stormwing's warhammer with godstone stormwing's scale shield, sky dragon king's staff, - level 50 pvp armor guardian tribunus's sapphire rings, guardian brigade general's turquoise earrings, brigade general's bandana, guardian tribunus's sapphire necklace, dabilkarim's turquoise earrings, valon's cloth belt
    Select the number of characters over Level 20:
    All Assets (Describe): stocked up on, scrolls, potions, skins, dyes, house, mansion, assorted loot to sell.

    Additional Information
    veteran rewards, kahrun symbols, mithril medals, platinum medals, guest petals, crucible symbols, all gear socketed with manastones, maximum cube and warehouse space, assorted pets, 2 types of pack pets, loot pets on all.

    Total Kinah
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.