Level 60 Champion Man Male on SnowbournMiddleman Seller Guide

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    Main Characters Equipment: 5 - Uber Equipment (Fully Geared)
    Describe Characters Equipment: Bracelet: 2x Insidious cuffs Rings:2xGlowing Aurate Band Earings: Glowing Aurate Hoop , Miner's steel earring Pocket:Miniature Brass Anvil Neck:Sublime Dawn-Rose Necklage Blade-master:Boots,leggins,gloves,chest, Shoulders of the lady's power helm:Heronhar Rune:second age(tier 5 strikes line power cost , tier 6 heal for bracing attack,tier 5 incrase ed range for hammstring,tier 6 sudden difence evade rating , tier 5 Blade line AOE power cost , tier 6 rend pulses) bow:bow of unification Axe : flawless Galadhrim axe second age axe with (Fervour, AOE damage, horn damage,sprint duration,sudden defence duration,ardour damage , sudden defence parry rating) Hight heralds Hooded cloack Rank 6 and half at ettenmoors all legendary traits and class traits Virtues traits all rank 10
    Main Characters Stats: might: 588 gility: 543 vitality: 516 will: 149 Fate: 157 Radiance:70 Melee crit :2374
    Destiny Points: 3273
    Select the number of alts over level 30:
    Alternative Character Server: Snowbourn
    Alternative Character Level: 60
    Alternative Character Class: Captain
    Alternative Character Server: Snowbourn
    Alternative Character Level: 35
    Alternative Character Class: Burglar
    Lifetime Membership On Account: No

    Additional Information
    the captain is with very good gear 5/6 watcer set and 1/6 DN set with second age weapon and nice stats , jewels ... the account close at cristmas

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