Level 60 Champion Elf Male on Vilya

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    Main Characters Equipment: 6 - Best Possible Equipment (Fully Geared)
    Describe Characters Equipment: 2 DN pieces (+20 Rad each piece). 1 Watcher piece (+20 Rad) 3 pieces of +10 Rad gear. Champions 1h axe of the 1st age (maxed and with fervour, max lvl). Champions 2nd age rune (max level T6, T7 settings). Champions 2nd age mace (max level and with fervour and AOE damage with T6, T7 settings). Pendevig Clog cloak along with 2 Insidious Cuffs (Grand Stair instance). 2 Glowing Aureate earrings, and 2 Glowing Aureate rings along with a Diamond Cut Rope Necklace and Guardians Trinket. All traits for this class are maxed at 10+ level (Justice, Valour, Determination, Discipline, Loyalty) in addtition to all Legendary traits being completed. PVP rank 6 with all factions at kindred (except Forochel). Have all books done except Book 8 and also have Goat mount, White horse, personal house. Crafting wise this toon also is a Supreme Metalsmith along with a Supreme Prospector and Grand Master Tailor (on second stage of Supreme Master Tailor level). Has 3-in-1 crafting tools and TONS of mats for crafting. Account has 10+ gold (gold is on an alt).
    Main Characters Stats: 574/549/520
    Destiny Points: 900
    Select the number of alts over level 30:
    Alternative Character Server: Vilya
    Alternative Character Level: 54
    Alternative Character Class: Minstrel
    Lifetime Membership On Account: No

    Additional Information
    Alt is a lvl 54 Misntrel that is primarily used for crafting jewelry. Alt is a Supreme Master Jeweler. Just needs to be leveled in Lothlorien for crafting new Galadhrim jewelry.

    Total Gold
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