Level 60 Champion Dwarf Male on Meneldor

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    Main Characters Equipment: 5 - Uber Equipment (Fully Geared)
    Describe Characters Equipment: 5/6 radiance armor, best possible 2nd age axe, very good jewelry
    Main Characters Stats: Might- 524 Agility- 445 Vitality- 505 Will- 185 Fate- 141 Radiance- 70
    Destiny Points: 2000
    Select the number of alts over level 30:
    Alternative Character Server: Meneldor
    Alternative Character Level: 60
    Alternative Character Class: Minstrel
    Lifetime Membership On Account: No

    Additional Information
    multi-month payment plan is already active, so the new expansion (shadows of mirkwood) is free for this account. it's also paid up through november. Founders account- access to founder's pricing and special founders rewards whenever they are offered. Account has been live since Shadows of Angmar launch in april 2007 Level 60 minstrel is also in "uber gear", near best possible gear, maxed jewlcrafting. Champ has maxed Scholar.

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Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.