Level 56 Ranger Elyos Female on Siel

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    Main Characters Hit Points: 9831
    Main Characters Mana: 4624
    Main Characters Abyss Points: 25275
    Main Characters Abyss Rank: Rank 5
    Main Characters Skills (Describe): Bestial Fury I, Breath of Nature IV, Focused Shots I, Trap of Slowing IV, Retreating Slash I, Silence Arrow VI, Speed of the Wind I, Sleep Arrow I, Gale Arrow IV, Heart Shot II, Natures Resolve I
    Main Characters Professions (Describe): (374) Journeyman Essensetapping, (332) Journeyman Aethertapping, (449) Expert Tailoring, (5) Amateur Alchemy, (478) Artisan Handicrafting
    Main Characters Equipment (Describe): +10 Stormwing Longbow combined with Lvl 50 gold PVP bow, Full Guardian Tribunus Ruby PVP Assessories, Full Elite Guardian Tribunus Gear (+10 all but Boots which are +3), Storm Wings, Lakane's Kerchief
    Select the number of characters over Level 20:
    All Assets (Describe): Full Miragents Set, Miragent's Longbow, Lots of Fluxes, Crafting Mats, 2 lvl 90 enchantment stones and 1 lvl 85 enchantment stone.

    Additional Information
    na.aiononline/myaion-character-detail?charId=326932&serverId=1 (Character Profile) 14,533 Total Kills

    Total Kinah
Thread Status:
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