Level 56 Male Man Champion on Dwarrowdelf

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    Main Characters Destiny Points: 11642
    Main Characters Equipment (Rate It): 5 - Uber Equipment (Fully Geared)
    Main Characters Equipment (Describe): ears tollos plus warriors jewel. neck warriors choker. arms bracelet of valour plus warriors bracelet. rings orc hunter plus oras band. pocket tasgalls gift of valour. head survivor of the watch. shoulder superior sellswords. cloak stout pristine. armour chest mirrored elven knight. gloves mirrored elven knight. l superior sellswords. boots delver of kelab. main hand champ sword of 3rd age 18 of 40 with 56-93 westernesse. off hand warriors blade 58-88 bellriand damage. bow curiandir 60-109 light damage. rune 15 of 60 with 1040 incoming healing. superior ancient iron prospector tools. superior ancient iron smithing hammer. ancient iron taylor tools.
    Main Characters Stats (Describe): level 56 man champion grand master metalsmith. grand master taylor. supreme master prospector. morale 3238 power 1702 might 470 agility 313 vitality298 fate 186 evade 2076 parry 2714 armour 3871 kindred with bree council of north thorins hall wardens of annuminas rangers of esteldin mathoms society elves of rivendale lossoth of farochel. 8 idealism 8 empathy 8 charity 8 compassion 5 tolerance 6patience 6 loyalty 4 justice 6 wisdom 3 confidence 4 determination 4 discipline 6 fidelity 4 fortitude 5 honesty 3 honor tactics and might uppercut man sword damage man of 4th age balance of man duty bound strength of morale return bree ferocious strikes controlled burn raging blade fight on stalwart blade winds of storm eye of storm improved rend return bree return ost guruth return thorins hall
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    Alternative Characters Server: Dwarrowdelf
    Alternative Characters Level: 36
    Alternative Characters Gender: Male
    Alternative Characters Class: Champion
    Alternative Characters Destiny Points: 11642
    Alternative Characters Stats (Describe): armour 2104 might 209 agility 117 vitality 124 will 75 fate 109
    Alternative Characters Skills (Describe): grand master forester
    Alternative Characters Equipment (Describe): superior dwarf steel
    All Assets (Describe): deluxe house prized esteldin steed prized algan steed prized thorins goat prized tundra horse winter fest horse bloodbay horse
    Lifetime Membership: No

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Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.