Selling Level 56 Barbamon Stacked Account

Discussion in 'Digimon Masters Accounts - Buy Sell Trade' started by Robert Othen, 4/2/17.

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  1. Robert Othen

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    Trainer Skin Tai
    Level 55
    Large amount of data and eggs as well as burst modes on 2 digimon
    130T on account and 56 Crown Charge.
    I have full inventory spaces and warehouse as well as all digimon 5/5. Rider Wings on avaliable digimon.
    V-mon (EX) 126% Level 66
    Agumon 128% Level 66 Burst mode
    Dracomon (Blue) 125% Level 55
    Kudamon 125% Level 47
    Impmon 125% Level 67 Burst mode and Bike
    Hawkmon 125% Level 37 with egg digivolutions
    Keramon 127% Level 27
    Guilmon 126% Level 43
    Gaomon Level 57
    Hagurumon 127% Level 41
    Gabumon 127% Level 32
    Armadilamon 126% Level 1
    Patamon 125% Level 46
    Dracmon 127% Level 41
    Commandramon 126% Level 34
    Lucemon 120% Rare AF Level 36
    Darugamon 125% Level 43
    Hatch Backups 2
    Fruits of the Goddess 58
    Hawkmon Level 5 Champion Digiegg
    And much more
    Very big steal acount
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