Level 55 Ranger Elyos Male on Vaizel

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    Main Characters Hit Points: 8170
    Main Characters Mana: 6578
    Main Characters Abyss Points: 30462
    Main Characters Abyss Rank: Soldier, Rank 5
    Main Characters Skills (Describe): Heavy Burst Damage in PvP and High Sustained Damage in PvE. All Ranger Stigmas from 2.1. Currently set with Deadly/Lethal Arrow stigma tree. Plenty of Stigma shards to change as you please.
    Main Characters Professions (Describe): It's been a while... Master Handicrafting and Expert Alchemy and Tailoring, some skill in the other crafts as well.
    Main Characters Equipment (Describe): Full Miragent Leather set +1, +11 Guardian Tribunus's Longbow fused with Miragent's Longbow. Anuhart Elite's Dirk and Virhana's Dagger. PvP Rings, Earrings, and Necklace, with some other replacement Jewels for PvE. Anuhart Brigade General's Leather Belt. Voltayre's Hairpin.
    Select the number of characters over Level 20:
    Alternate Characters Server: Vaizel
    Alternate Characters Level: 21
    Alternate Characters Gender: Female
    Alternate Characters Race: Elyos
    Alternate Characters Class: Spiritmaster
    Alternate Characters Hit Points: 1355
    Alternate Characters Mana: 3044
    Alternate Characters Abyss Points:
    Alternate Characters Abyss Rank: Soldier, Rank 9
    Alternate Characters Skills (Describe): Summoning Pets and Killing lots of things really fast.
    Alternate Characters Professions (Describe): Few and Small.
    Alternate Characters Equipment (Describe): Very Basic gear.
    All Assets (Describe): At least 30 million kinah alone, on top of a lot of things that could be liquidated for more. One of the Best Bow's you will ever get your hands on. Full Miragent's on my main Ranger with PvP jewel set and PvE jewel set. Nuff said.

    Additional Information
    Haven't logged in for a while but its a very solid character. In PvP I can generally take at least two people on at once alone with traps and coming out of hide. In PvE my DPS is only second to a super geared Assassin that knows how to weave.

    Total Kinah
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