Level 55 Chanter Asmodian Female on Vaizel

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    Main Characters Hit Points: 7789
    Main Characters Mana: 7305
    Main Characters Abyss Points: 68766
    Main Characters Abyss Rank: soldier rank 4, major ancient crownx14, greater ancient crownx2, ancient crownx2, lesser ancient crownx3, major ancient goblet, 2 greater ancient goblets, 3 ancient goblets, 7 lesser ancient goblets, 3 major ancient seal, 5 greater ancient seal, 5 ancient seal, 11 lesser ancient seal, 8 major ancient icons, 2 greater ancient icons, 10 ancient icons, 23 lesser ancient icons
    Main Characters Skills (Describe): all skills to 55, bought all advanced stigmas, morph substances as follows: fine elemental stone, elatrite ore, ralloc, liconsis, nokara, hoca fiber, brilliant malevite ore, malevite ore, pila, korie log, fresh grobule, major elemental stone, grobule, subella, calamot, neunan, iron ore, conide, azpha
    Main Characters Professions (Describe): expert essence 403, expert aether 499, alchemy 499, handicrafting 457
    Main Characters Equipment (Describe): +10 shadetouched combined staff, celestius warhammer, anvilface malevite shield, 50 abyss necklace, catastrophic bandanna, bergrisari's earrings, earrings of ascending, elder hauberk, shadesoaked spaulders, beshmundir chanter chausses, malika's handguards, vallakhan's ring, catastrophic malevite ring, pacification brogans, catastrophic leather belt
    Select the number of characters over Level 20:
    Alternate Characters Server: Vaizel
    Alternate Characters Level: 55
    Alternate Characters Gender: Male
    Alternate Characters Race: Asmodian
    Alternate Characters Class: Templar
    Alternate Characters Hit Points: 10185
    Alternate Characters Mana: 4708
    Alternate Characters Abyss Points: 33985
    Alternate Characters Abyss Rank: soldier rank 5, +9 major ancient crowns x5, major ancient icon, lesser ancient icon
    Alternate Characters Skills (Describe): all skills learned to level 55, magic smash 2, divine justice 2, empyrean fury 1, punishing wave 2, doom lure 1, break power iv, divine fury 1, holy shield 4, punishment5, incite rage 5, bodyguard 1, terrible howl 1, provoking roar 4, unwavering devotion 1, power of restoration 2, punishment of darkness 1, siegebreaker 3,
    Alternate Characters Professions (Describe): expert essencetapping 499, expert aethertapping 499, master cooking 541, alchemy 225, morph substances for all of the following items: fine elemental stone, ralloc, fresh liconsis, drupa, liconsis, nokara, hoca fiber, gorocle, pure malevite ore, malevite ore, stria, chershnip, manzu, jurak, poma, korie log, fresh grobule, fresh subella, fresh camalot, fresh neunan, greater platinum ore, greater gold ore, fresh hasia, fresh theonia, major elemental stone, leopis, cippo, kukar, vigen, grobule, carpen, anathe fiber, alemeha, subella, merone, zeller, calamot, jardine, neunan, xilix fiber, hasia, theonia, twisp fiber, kandula, tikel fiber, iron ore, conide, azpha
    Alternate Characters Equipment (Describe): shadesoaked greatsword combined, elder warhammer, +2 shadesoaked shield, catastrophic helm skinned chef hat, debilkarim's corundum necklace, celestius corundum earrings x 2, expert noble drenium breastplate, shadesoaked shoulderplates, shadesoaked greaves, expert nobe drenium gauntlets, catastrophic malevite ring x 2, shadesoaked sabatons, administrator's leather belt
    Alternate Characters Server: Vaizel
    Alternate Characters Level: 38
    Alternate Characters Gender: Female
    Alternate Characters Race: Asmodian
    Alternate Characters Class: Spiritmaster
    Alternate Characters Hit Points: 4322
    Alternate Characters Mana: 7112
    Alternate Characters Abyss Points: 13470
    Alternate Characters Abyss Rank: soldier rank 6
    Alternate Characters Skills (Describe): all skills to level 38, ignite aether 3, absorb vitality 4, fear shriek 1, body root 1, emnity swap 1, sigl of silence i, weaken spirit i, spirit wall of protection i, spirit explosion i, blessing of fire ii, cyclone of wrath ii, absorb vitality vii, weaken spirit iv, wing root i, summon water spirit iv
    Alternate Characters Professions (Describe): essencetapping 18, tailoring 399
    Alternate Characters Equipment (Describe): +10 hirmilden's diary combined with daevic book, black cloud wings, kromede's necklace, death headband, lakrum's earrings, fascination aquamarine earrings, +10 shrewd tunic, +10 shrewd pauldrons, +10 shrewd leggings, +10 shrewd gloves, fascination aquamarine ring, demise lazuli ring, +10 shrewd shoes, death belt
    Alternate Characters Server: Vaizel
    Alternate Characters Level: 32
    Alternate Characters Gender: Male
    Alternate Characters Race: Asmodian
    Alternate Characters Class: Sorcerer
    Alternate Characters Hit Points: 2503
    Alternate Characters Mana: 5592
    Alternate Characters Abyss Points: 11843
    Alternate Characters Abyss Rank: soldier rank 6
    Alternate Characters Skills (Describe): all skills to level 32 learned, curse of roots i, zikel's wisdom i, wind cut down i, lumiel's wisdom i, ice sheet i, curse of weakness i, fire burst i, ice sheet ii, vaisel's wisdom i, fire burst ii, barrier of severance i, lava tempest i, wind cut down ii, wind cut down iv, curse of weakness iii, ice harpoon ii, fire burst iii, frostbite i, cometfall i, curse of old roots i, frostbite ii
    Alternate Characters Professions (Describe): essencetapping 23
    Alternate Characters Equipment (Describe): +4 shrewd jewel, black cloud wings, worthy noble durable twisp headband, gold necklace, fascination zircon earrings, fighter klaw's earrings, worthy noble durable twisp tunic, worthy noble durable twisp pauldrons, worthy noble twisp leggings, worthy durable twisp gloves, worthy noble durable twisp shoes, grundt's belt
    Alternate Characters Server: Vaizel
    Alternate Characters Level: 24
    Alternate Characters Gender: Female
    Alternate Characters Race: Asmodian
    Alternate Characters Class: Sorcerer
    Alternate Characters Hit Points: 1360
    Alternate Characters Mana: 3580
    Alternate Characters Abyss Points: 7
    Alternate Characters Abyss Rank: soldier rank 9
    Alternate Characters Skills (Describe): all skills to level 24 learned, lumiel's wisdom i, curse of roots i
    Alternate Characters Professions (Describe): none
    Alternate Characters Equipment (Describe): +5 black claw tome, black cloud hat, hamerun's crystal earring, peltclaimer's earrings, ettin's tunic, revenge pauldrons, revenge leggings, haramel's gloves, hamerun's crystal ring, passionate love ring, haramel's shoes, thick belt of kobold
    Alternate Characters Server: Israphel
    Alternate Characters Level: 35
    Alternate Characters Gender: Female
    Alternate Characters Race: Elyos
    Alternate Characters Class: Templar
    Alternate Characters Hit Points: 4829
    Alternate Characters Mana: 2822
    Alternate Characters Abyss Points: 15651
    Alternate Characters Abyss Rank: soldier rank 6
    Alternate Characters Skills (Describe): all skills to 35 learned, doom lure i, incite rage 1, punishment ii
    Alternate Characters Professions (Describe): essence tapping 270, aether tapping 355, armorsmithing 251, alchemy 255
    Alternate Characters Equipment (Describe): worthy adamantium greatsword, +1 barzon's warhammer, worthy adamantium shield, black cloud wing, nereus helm, tornado necklace, black cloud earring, valerius' mithril earring, courageous breastplate, worthy noble adamantium shoulderplates, telemachiu's greaves, worthy adamantium gauntlets, topaz ring, invader's moonstone ring, expert adamantium sabatons, nereus's leather belt
    All Assets (Describe): noble durable asvata bow, 2 malevite earrings, malevite necklace, fancy corundum necklace unsoulbound, warriors mask, essencetapping experts mask, true love headwear, 3 pointy hat, 4252 stigma shard, malevite orex2, greater malevite orex51, pure malevite ore x33, brilliant malevite ore x8, corundum orex44, big corundum orex26, elatrite orex49, big elatrite orex32, dazzling corundum orex18, dazzling elatrite ore x11, 32 magical aether, 57 greater magic aether, 23 pure magic aether, 4 brilliant magical aether, fine elemental stone 741, special greater acc flux 21, worthy spec greater acc flux, 6 expert special greater acc flux, master special greater acc flux, 11 boiling balaur blood stains, 2 firm balaur horn, 17 firm balaur scale, 15 firm balaur skin, 11 burning balaur blood stain, 3 white heliotrope crystal, 1 malevite ornament, 10 crafted firm balaur horn, design elegant elatrite necklace, design elegant elatrite earrings, 476 cippo aether jelly, 43 frozen agrint candy, 260 drupa cocktail, 70 tasty drupa cocktail, 503 tasty poma wine herb dumpling, poma wine herb dumpling x1000, 356 kuvuno juice, 49 revival stone, 1157 major recovery potion, 314 fine life potion, 498 fine mana potion, 66 fine life serum, 325 fine wind serum, 55 fine recovery serum, 81 fine recovery potion, 24 fine mana elixir, 18 fine life elixir, 32 event new year bulgogi , 39 moriarty secret remedy, 67 greater crit strike scroll, greater antishock scroll 14, greater courage scroll 646, greater running scroll 1017, 169 greater raging wind scroll, 5 panda scroll, 2909 major crit strike scroll, fine antishock scroll 90, 89 greater awakening scroll, event ring of ancient wind x5, greater supplements fabled x5, supplements fabled x30, dye true black, 890 aether extractor, 2 noxilian ingot, nex ore 12, personal reusable kisk x2, 15 hot balaur blood stain, 7 pirate form candy, 186 summer-loving inguin form candy, 2 event green tea dye, 6 benti cheese, 19 daemon token, ward token 25, 19 scorching heat, noble siel supreme mace, noble siel supreme staff, impish hauberk, +1 steel beard pirate hauberk, rainments of mastery x2, cool swimsuit, steel beard pirate's handguards, +2 impish spaulders, +2 impish chausses, gelkmaros chausses, +1 steel beard pirates brogans, noble fancy elatrite earrings unsoulbound, noble fancy corundum necklace unsoulbound, impish topaz ring, archon squad leaders leather belt, impish chain helm, nerita's cap, triumphant helmx2, diabolical chain hood, essencetapping expert mask, aethertapping expert maskx2, pumpkin hatx2, solarius beret, solarius cap, fireheadx2, rage spell 1, binding word i, enhancement mantra 1, curtain of aether 1, promise of aether 4, splash swing 3, soul crush 2, healing conduit 7, noble surkana, design the makers earrings of solid earthx2, design the makers dessicated earings, design master darkwater orb, valiant tiger candy 5, polar bear form candy 40, enchanted polar bear candy x5, mind crystal, l70 enchantment stonex4, l75 enchantment stone x6, l80 enchant stone, godstone vidar's dignity, gold medalx35, blue balaur blood, blue balaur scalex339, , 1 cold hilt fragment, hot hilt fragment, noble ornament fragment, 21 platinum medal, 3 silver medal, 30 crusader tokens, 8 old weather seal, sigyn's wing feather, black cloud wings, snare trap v, kuvanox136, tinga x328, aether permeated taloc leaf x3968, poisoned taloc leaf x870, tasty monitor dumpling x40, poma bulgogi x15, tasty poma bulgogi x10, poma wine herb dumpling x1115, poma herb bulgogi x140, tasty poma herb bulgogi x58, solarius torte x10, new year leek dumpling x27, cake piece 5, siels supreme sword, orashunerk’s dipper, siels supreme mace, diving helmet/summer headwrap, solarious cloche hat, rabano x240, zeller x44, cippo x460, kashuron’s memento, jurak x19, chersnip x232, ralloc x449, sinron’s memento, fresh liconsis x52, gorocle x37, ringa x146, kirka x223, kukar x409, leopis x59, manzu x350, drupa x119, gadill x82, carpen, liuron’s memento x2, stria x117, nokara x289, bilcora x106, almeha x227, poma x213, altare’s glass bottle x1266, red heliotrope crystal, tough balaur meat x25, tender balaur meat x65, fresh balaur meat x84, lustrous balaur meat x26, raw brax meat x84, fungen cap x92, raw kselid meat x18, raw monitor meat x145, raw crestlich meat x118, raw granker meat x36, tipolid raw meat x12, raw tayga meat x107, marbled crestlich meat x12, moonflower leaf x56, marbled cellatu meat x34, oculazen essence, malek drake essence x3, frozen agrint essence x70, group kisk, anubite candy x20, new year cordial x11, harvest revel chocolate x10, healing root x62, 128 cheese, hot spice 160, benti pepper x100, red heliotrope powder, white heliotrope powder, minor armor flux x32, lesser armor flux x41, armor flux x59, greater armor flux x96, major armor flux x15, fine armor flux x22, superb armor flux x17, premium armor flux x40, worthy armor flux x8, worthy greater amor flux x13, worthy major armor flux x2, worthy fine armor flux, worthy superb armor flux, worthy premium armor flux x4, expert major armor flux, expert fine armor flux x3, special greater armor flux x184, worthy special greater armor flux x58, expert special greater armor flux x11, master special greater armor flux x2, manastone accuracy+22 x445, manastone evasion+14 x650, manastone magic boost+22 x261, manastone parry+22 x384, attack+3 x200, hp+70 x322, mp+70 x402, block+22 x419, mp+20 x14, accuracy+12 x21, parry+12 x19, block+12 x23, accuracy +14 x2, attack+2, magic boost+16, mp+50 x2, accuracy+18 x2, parry+18 x2, block+18 x16, crit strike+10, mp+60 x27, accuracy+20 x6, evasion+12 x47, attack+3 x89, parry+20 x70, block+20 x80, attack+5 x8, magic accuracy+10, magic accuracy+12 x12, crit strike+14 x94, mp+95 x8, block+27 x6, crit strike +17 x2, magic accuracy+14 x27, resist magic+14 x30, hot balaur heart x4, burning balaur heart x9, minor weapon flux x30, lesser weapon flux x13, weapon flux x41, greater weapon flux x34, major weapon flux x7, fine weapon flux x46, superb weapon flux x28, premium weapon flux x182, worthy weapon flux x73, worthy greater weapon flux x9, worthy major weapon flux x4, worthy fine weapon flux x6, worthy premium weapon flux x77, expert fine weapon flux, expert premium weapon flux x20, master premium weapon flux x3, special greater weapon flux x37, worthy special greater weapon flux x8, expert special greater weapon flux x3, stone of silence x2, minor acc flux x68, lesser acc flux x51, acc flux x118, greater acc flux x155, fine acc flux x35, major acc flux x69, superb acc flux x53, premium acc flux x33, worthy acc flux x9, worthy greater acc flux x21, worthy major acc flux x11, worthy fine acc flux x8, worthy superb acc flux x12, worthy premium acc flux x15, expert major acc flux, expert premium acc flux x2, master special greater acc flux x3, celestius sap x25, salix wood x128, korie wood x184, mithril ore x3131, greater mithril ore x25, pure mithril ore x3, brilliant mithril ore, amethyst ore x13, crystal ore x64, topaz ore x62, garnet ore x66, big garnet ore x9, moonstone ore x65, big moonstone ore x10, big sapphire ore x2, dookiron’s memento, pure valuspar ore x80, turquoise ore x82, big turquoise ore x14, debilkarim’s crystal, dazzling turquoise ore x2, crafted firm balaur horn x34, asvata log x435, spellbook of the prairie+10, plateau shieldx2, corundum necklace x17, euron’s memento, greater dre ite ore x15, fresh grobule x102, silver ore 183, gold ore x420, platinum ore x1046, greater platinum ore x110, pure platinum ore x13, various stigma

    across the board, kandula 90, hasia x150, subella x153, grobule x145, pila x67, fresh pila x4, liconsis x1369, aether crystal x43, pure aether gem x9, aether x152, greater aether x10, pure aether x17, brilliant magical aether x9, lesser elemental stone x220, elemental stone x892, greater elemental stone x40, major elemental stone x207, lesser elemental water x125, major elemental water x57, design worthy truth orb, design worthy proof tome,

    Additional Information
    +10 shrewd armor can be switched between the asmodian spiritmaster and asmodian sorcerors

    Total Kinah
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