Level 52 Conquerer Cimmerians Male on Bloodspire

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    Best Way To Sum Main Characters Equipment: 4 - Good Full Gear
    Select the number of alternative characters over level 30:
    Alternative Characters Server: Bloodspire
    Alternative Characters Level: 30
    Alternative Characters Class: Priest of Mitra
    Describe Alternative Characters Equipment: vanir runecasters helm, purifier necklace, somatic course arm-straps, sacrificial ring, bleakcast ring, sacrosanct cured gloves, vanir acolytes tunic, frostwarders footwraps, somatic rough-stitched leggings, vanir runecasters belt,amberwhite bracers,Blasphemy
    Describe Equipment: repletive canvas cloak, vexing ironmail helm, custodial amulet of Lycophos, iron-ring armguards, wormonger ring, ring of resolve, greysong guantlets, clangaud chestguard battlescar tasset combat girdle, nemedian scout bracers, furpadded combat boots, vaedus spiritsurge chestguard, croags scorn, white horse,corybantic boots, corybantic bracers, cracktooth, frostwrought falcata, heritics vambraces,scything bronze-studded bracers

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Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.