Level 50 Thaumaturge Miqote Female on Bodhum

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    Main Characters Equipment: All NM gear for each job. Multiple HQ items. Multiple HQ wands/rings/tools. HQ mats from world NM drops. THM/CONJ/SHLD/FSH/ALCH/LW @R50 All other crafts @R40+
    Select the number of characters over Level 10:
    Alternative Characters Server: Bodhum
    Alternative Characters Level: 50
    Alternative Characters Gender: Female
    Alternative Characters Job: Fisher
    Alternative Characters Equipment (Describe): This is a fishing alt that is used when the main character goes into gathering fatigue. This drastically increases the amount of fishing this account can do in a single day.
    All Assets (Describe): Primary Trade classes come equipped with HQ tools, and best gear in the game.
    All Skill (Describe): All books obtained for all crafts.
    All Tradeskills (Describe): LW/FHS/ALC @50 All other crafting classes @40+
    Additional Information: This account has everything needed to make a solid start in this game. Your getting a character that is definitely near the top of the servers economy with 55mil in raw gil alone. And close to another 15mil in materials/gear/shards/crystals that can be liquidated if needed.

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Thread Status:
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