Level 50 Thaumaturge Lalafell Male on Selbina

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    Main Characters Equipment: Moogle Staff, ifrits 1h, bunch of double melds, triple meld chest
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    All Skill (Describe): FFXIV Account for sale, quit the game, need new tires for my car desperately so im WILLING TO SELL IT CHEAP AND QUICK really hard times. I AM THE ORIGINAL OWNER so there will be no problems with that. NOT POSITIVE BUT I BELIEVE I HAD AROUND 300k GIL LEFT ON IT. 50 ALL JOBS and Achievement (Paragons Crown Blue 10 all stats every class!) 50 Archer a few different double melds, triple meld gloves ect. 50 Gladiator - not the best gear but of course I have a set for every class 50 Thaumature - Moogle Staff, Ifrit 1h, triple(i think or double) 4 materia'd chest, rest all single-double melded nicely as it was my main job. 50 Pugilist - Ifrit Claws, same basic equip for Lancer as archer. 50 Conjurer - can use all my nice thm equip as well, only missing a decent weapon as I was holding out for moogle wep. 50 Marauder - probably my 2nd best equipped as far as gear goes, still needs an Ifrit or Moogle weapon unfortunately using a 48 double melded wep. Professions!!! my retainers are completely full (both) of random crafting items of all jobs, materia and multiple items 40-50 for spiritbonding 50 Weaver 38 Alchemist 64928 TNL 34 Blacksmith 35414 TNL 29 Leatherworking 31525 TNL 15 Goldsmith 8510 TNL 14 Miner 3274 TNL 12 Carpenter 4967 TNL 10 Armorer 2079 TNL 5 Culinary 889 TNL 2 Bontanist 553 TNL 0 Fishing.
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