Level 50 Pugilist Miqote Female on Trabia

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    Main Characters Equipment: Peiste Cesti +2, Harrier's Jacket +1, Padded Leather Duckbills +2, Tarred Leather Trousers (Blue) +1, Tarred Velveteen Longsash +1, Spiked Leather Armguards +1, Cotton Halftop +1, Cotton Panties +1, Silver Tricorne +2 Darksilver Head Knife +1, Steel Awl +1, Thousand Needle +3, Oak Spinning Wheel +1, Vintage Robe, Linen Wedge Cap (Pink), Linen Shortgloves (Pink), Velveteen Tights (Black), Boarskin Tool Belt, Vintage Thighboots
    Select the number of characters over Level 10:
    All Assets (Describe): All of the gear I listed in my Equipment plus two Retainers full of materials and gear to sell daily and make more money
    All Skill (Describe): PGL50 ARC28 THM27 SEN23 LNC20 MRD15 GLA14 CON16 All of their abilities and guild-mark purchasable abilities
    All Tradeskills (Describe): TAN50 WVR50 BTN30 ALC28 CRP18 CUL14 BSM14 GLD12 ARM11 FSH8 MIN7 All training books purchased for WVR and TAN plus Flawlessness (12,000 marks for WVR)
    Additional Information:

    Additional Information

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Thread Status:
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