Level 50 Male Sith Pureblood Sith Warrior on Daragon Trail

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    Maih Characters Faction: Sith Empire
    Main Characters Equipment: 5 - Uber Equipment (Fully Geared)
    Main Characters Equipment (Describe): Columi Headpeice Columi Chestpiece Columi Gloves Columi Leggings Columi Boots Rakata Bracers Champion main-hand Lightsaber Columi off-hand Lightsaber Centurion Belt Centurion implant Columi implant Columi earrpiece
    Select the number of characters over Level 20:
    Alternate Characters Server: Daragon Trail
    Alternate Characters Faction: Galactic Republic
    Alternate Characters Level: 29
    Alternate Characters Gender: Female
    Alternate Characters Species: Twilek
    Alternate Characters Class: Jedi Knight
    Alternate Characters Equipment (Describe): level 29 orange gear, modded up to lvl 27 or so.
    All Mounts (Describe): Digital Deluxe mount, Imperial fleet rank 3 mount.
    All Professions (Describe): 400 Biochem 400 Bioanalysis 400 Diplomacy
    All Assets (Describe): Digital Deluxe bonus, pre-order bonuses. Vette - 10000 affection Jaesa - 10000 affection Quinn - 10000 affection Broonmark - 10000 affection Lieutenant Pierce - 3000 affection

    Additional Information
    Rakata stim Rakata adrenal Rakata medpac are all made already. Have alot of additional Columi/Tionese commendations sitting, and over 300 Fleet commendations. Ship is fully Best in slot. Quinn has fully modded gear, with purple barrels and armoring in every slot. Broonmark has some additional tanking sith warrior gear from eternity vault. Main-story is complete, and daily main-quest lines are also complete.

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