Level 50 Male Dwarf Champion on Gladden

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    Main Characters Equipment: 5 - Uber Equipment (Fully Geared)
    Describe Characters Equipment: Engraved Beryl EaringX2, Etched Beryl Necklace,Tasgall's gift of Valor, Engraved Beryl Braclet X2, Engraved Beryl Ring, Brillient white gold Ring, Mirrored Elvin Knights helm, Mirrored Knights Shoulder Gaurds, Mirrored Elvin Knights Armour, Exqusite Radiant Cloak,Mirrored Knights Gloves, Mirrored Knights Leggings, Mirrored Elvin KNights Boots, Mirrored Ancient Steel Axe X2, Fortified Black Ash Bow,Ancient Steel Tailor tools, Ancient Steel Smiths Hammer, Ancient Steel Prospectors Tools.
    Main Characters Stats: Moral is 3,572, Power is 2,033 Armour is 1,433, Might is 334, Agility 219, Vitality 343, Will 201, Fate 152, Melee Eff 265, Ranged Eff 223, Melee Crit 12.0% Ranged Crit 9.0% Tactical Crit 8.5% Evade 10.9% Parry 15.1%
    Destiny Points: 16059
    Select the number of alts over level 30:
    Is there Playtime Remaining on the Account? (Actively Subscribed): Yes

    Additional Information
    Lifetime Membership and Mines of Moria Ready. Deluxe House with Matinance paid untill December 25th. GRand Master Prospecter, Working on Master Artisan Metal Worker and Master Metal Worker. Workin on Master Artisan Tailor and Master Tailor. Rank 1 Footman, Friend to the men of Bree, Ally to the council of the north, Ally to Thorins Hall, Kindred to the Wardens of Annuminas, Kindred to the rangers of Esteldin, Kindred to the Mathom Sociaty, Ally to the elves of Rivendell
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