Level 50 Male Cyborg Bounty Hunter on Mandalore the Indomitable

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    Maih Characters Faction: Sith Empire
    Main Characters Equipment: 5 - Uber Equipment (Fully Geared)
    Main Characters Equipment (Describe): Items listed are DPS Head - Battlemaster, Columi Chest - Augmented Battlemaster, Columi Gloves - Battlemater, Columi Belt - Battlemaster, Augmented Rakata L - Augmented War Hero, Columi Boots - Battlemaster, Rakata Offhand - Battlemaster, Rakata Mainhand - Augmented Battlemaster, Augmented Columi Relics - Battlemaster, Gravity Wave Device, +aim Matrix cube Bracers - Battlemaster, Augmented Rakata Implants - 2xBattlemaster, Rakata, Columi Earpiece - Battlemaster, Columi All items listed below this are for tanking Head - Columi Chest - Columi Gloves - Columi Belt - Columi (but my toon can craft a rakata one easily) L - Exotech Boots - Rakata Offhand - Tionese Gun - Tionese with lvl 56 Crystal Relic - Shrouded Crusader Bracers - Rakata Implant - Columi Social rank 2 Rank 76 Valor has 75 Hyperbattle reflex stims 45 PVP stims 32 PVP medpacks 38 PVE medpacks 3 Synthetic Energy Matrix 2 Alien Data Cubes 2 Self Perpetuating Power Cells 40 blackhole comms 94 daily comms 240 fleet comms 1771 ranked WZ comms 17 WZ comms
    Select the number of characters over Level 20:
    Alternate Characters Server: Mandalore the Indomitable
    Alternate Characters Faction: Sith Empire
    Alternate Characters Level: 50
    Alternate Characters Gender: Male
    Alternate Characters Species: Sith Pureblood
    Alternate Characters Class: Sith Inquisitor
    Alternate Characters Equipment (Describe): Items listed are for healing Head - Champion, Columi Chest - Champion, Columi Gloves - Battlemaster, Rakata Belt - Champion, Rakata L - Battlemaster, Rakata Boots - Battlemaster, Columi Offhand - Battlemaster, Columi Mainhand - Battlemaster, Augmented Rakata Relics - Residual Mending, Champion, Boundless Ages Bracers - Battlemaster, Columi Augments - Battlemaster, Rakata, Augemented Hawkeye , Burning Force Earpiece - Columi Socail rank 3 (324 away from soical 4) Valor rank 61 26 blackhole comms 84 daily comms 201 fleet comms 990 ranked WZ comms 465 WZ comms
    All Mounts (Describe): Tirsa elite on both toons BH has Czerka Patroller, Lhosan Duster, Praxon Strato, Ubrikiian Striker SI has Guriam Scorpion, Praxon Strato, Rendili Watchman
    All Professions (Describe): 400 on all of biochem bioanalysis diplomacy armormech scavenging underworld trading
    All Assets (Describe): In the bank I have 3 Augments ready to go. 2 FULL sets (head, chest, gloves, l, boots) of Augmented Heavy armor. Companions are also very well geared (columi, battlemaster, tionese). Both toons have Crimson Rakling and Tauntaun Ram pets, Founder Title. Ships on both toons are fully upgraded

    Additional Information
    both toons have founder title BH: PVP - 1139 expertise, 756.4 bonus dmg, 32.78 crit, 74.73% crit multi, 3.54% activation speed 17510 health. PVE - 813.7 bonus dmg, 32.42% crit. 76.10% crit multi, 18995 health. In raids I typically do between 850-950 DPS (using MOX parser). SI has Containment Officer title PVP - 503.9 bonus healing, 32.13% crit, 69.17% crti multi, 10.00% activation speed, 15797 health PVE - 551.3 bonus healing, 31.86% crit, 59.09% crit multi, 11.08% activation speed, 17473 health

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