Level 50 Gladiator Hyur Male on Istory

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    Main Characters Equipment: Cobalt Cuirass, Coblat Gaunglet, Cobalt Winglet , Dated Tarred Leather Trousers, Dated Irons Sabaton, Patriot Choker's.
    Select the number of characters over Level 10:
    All Assets (Describe): Many equipments of all class, contain weapons, armors, tools,and accessory. Own a chocobo. 10,050 of Armorer guild marks, 9,949 of Thaumaturges guild marks, 8,362 of Marauders guild marks , and so many others that average have around 2,000 of guild marks.
    All Skill (Describe): Level 50 of sword, level 50 of thaumaturge, level 38 of conjurer, level 30 of polearm, level 30 of axe, level 23 of archery and level 25 of hand to hand skill.
    All Tradeskills (Describe): Level 23 of armorcraft, level 12 of woodworking, level 14 of leatherworking, level 14 of alchemy, level 8 of cooking, level 20 of smithing , level 15 of goldsmithing, and level 18 of mining.
    Additional Information: You will never regret this character. Good reputation and good friendship among players.

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