Level 50 Female Spiritmaster Asmodian on Nezekan

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    Abyss Rank: 4
    Professions: 449 Cooking, 449 Vitality Gathering

    Additional Information
    Also have a 50 cleric, 48 gladiator, 38 templar, 37 ranger, 36 assassin, 35 sorcerer and 34 chanter, all on Nezekan on this account. Also, spread throughout all these characters, is a level 449 expert of each and every profession in the game, including aether and vitality gathering. The 50 SM has 3 pieces of Fenris gear already, the level 50 PVP elite belt, and other great gear. There are 6 pieces of Daevonian armor on the characters, and most have +10 Daeva weapons that are in their 30s except ones that have even better ones than that. The account has been active since Beta, and only recently let the account lapse. Happy to answer any further questions.

    Total Kinah
Thread Status:
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