Level 50 Female Sorcerer Asmodian on Zikel

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    Abyss Rank: 6
    Professions: 449 tailoring

    Additional Information
    Lvl 50 Female Asmo Sorc on Zikel with 3/5 Fenris, 10mil-ish Kinah. All campaigns done, some anuhart gear, 449 tailoring, all advanced stigma unlocked and flame spray tree purchased and equipped. 7 months veteran rewards. 38 female assassin twink alt with 5/5 daevanion armor, +10 daeva dagger and +0 daeva bow, and white flame(fire temple) weapon. Also has extremely rare Sirocco Mask(Wind Spirit) Skin on lvl 33 high quality craft hat and has 399 weaponsmithing. has 36 Gladiator with Kromede's extendable spear just waiting for some good use! Also has 30 Templar. Account is also Collector!

    Total Kinah
Thread Status:
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