Level 50 Conjurer Miqote Female on Trabia

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    Main Characters Equipment: Ifrits cane, Mask of immortal hex rest normal lv 50 gear. also level 50 gladiator with Ifrits blade, Canopus shield, Sentinals belt/gloves/boots, paladin trousers.
    Select the number of characters over Level 10:
    All Assets (Describe): Many rare items(all the plundered gears and the other 2 nonpludered gears from shposhea 13 pieces total) Almost all NM drops, Almost all drops from totorak think im missing 1 maybe2.
    All Skill (Describe): 50cnj/50gld/30thm/25arc/16plg/15mrd/3lnc Gld gear has attached IV materias.
    All Tradeskills (Describe): 13woodwork/14blacksmith/12armorer/10goldsmith/14leatherwork/15weaver/10alchemy/7culinary/13miner/14botonist
    Additional Information: Chocobo,Goobbue,materia assimilator(many materias only keep III and IV atleast 10+) order of the twin adder private second class(5,210seals) all gld and cnj guild quests completed many other quest completed almost 200 in all faction credits(leve)

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Thread Status:
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