Level 50 Conjurer Hyur Female on Cornelia

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    Main Characters Equipment: has 90% of all world NMs gear, have most +1s and +2s weapons, jade crook +3, over 20-30 mil worth of gear at least for classes i got at lvl 50, have treasure chest boots/armor (dow and dom) from new lvl 45 instance
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    All Assets (Describe): some of the more expensive gear i have are, Jade Crook +3, Crab Bow +2, Harriers Jacket +3 Iron Longsword +2, Jade Hora +1, Harlenquins Pants, belt, Vintage Jesters hat, +1 Gladiator gear/shield, Silver tricorne etc
    All Skill (Describe): conjurer 50, thm 50, gladiator 50, archer 50, pulgist 50, mrd 41, lancer 31, botany 10, miner 10
    All Tradeskills (Describe): weaver 45, goldsmith 43, Carpenter 41, leather 40, armorer 33, Blacksmith 15, alchemy 10
    Additional Information: Completed all quests Story, completed all isntance quests 3x, have +1s crafting equipment, dodore Doublet etc

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