Level 50 Burglar Man Male on Arkenstone

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    Main Characters Equipment: 6 - Best Possible Equipment (Fully Geared)
    Describe Characters Equipment: -Full Shadow Stalker set 6/6 -Tinket of skill, Jewel of skill, Earring of skill 3/3 -2x Etched Beryl Bracelet -Great Golden Ring -Moonstone ring -Etched Beryl Necklace -2x Mirrored Ancient Steel Mace -Hammer Mark Cloak -Wisdans Ring -Phial of the swirling waters -Polished Beryl Earring -Earring of cunning -Ashurs Adornment
    Main Characters Stats: 349,412,255,137,171,0
    Destiny Points: 0
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    Lifetime Membership On Account: No

    Additional Information
    -Grand Master Scholar -Master Weaponsmith PvMP Wartab: Rank 5 (Seargent of the Guard) Total Reknown: 33306 Rating: 1775 Kills: 2593 Deaths: 28 Kills/Death: 92.6 Killingblows: 418 Killsaboverating: 148 Killsbelowrating: 2445 Highest Rating Defeated: 1701

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