Level 50 Archer Elezen Male on Cornelia

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    Main Characters Equipment: Crab Bow+1, Eternal Shade, Silver Tricorne+1, Penance, Venerer's Bracers, Tarred Leather Trousers(Blue)+1, Toadskin Leggings(Blue)+1
    Select the number of characters over Level 10:
    All Assets (Describe): Aeolian Scimitar, Barbarians Axe, Engraved Bhuj+1, Champions Lance+1, Vintage Kite Shield+1, Vintage Square Shield+1, Dodore Doublet+1, Conquistador Elmo, Kokoroon's Darkshell Mail, Seer's Cowl, Vintage Haubergeon, Vintage Hose, Vintage Smithy's Gloves
    All Skill (Describe): Out of Sight, Bowmanship, Muscle Memory, Muscle Memory II, Asceticism, Asceticism II, Mind over Matter, Mind over Matter II, Will to Power, Will to Power II, Complete Control, Complete Controll II, Driven by Faith, Driven by Faith II, Prime Conditioning, Seasoned Veteran, Pummel, Flurry, Self-Preservation, Swordsmanship, Light Stab, Heavy Stab, Heavy Slash, Intimidation, Axemanship, Broad Swing, Full Swing, Heavy Swing, Fleet of Foot, Pikesmanship, Heavy Thrust, Pierce, Full Thrust, Multishot, Close shot, Heavy Shot, FastCast, One with Nature, Nature's Fury, Elemental Shroud, Firm Conviction, Transcendence, Shadow Fall, Silhouette
    All Tradeskills (Describe): Goldsmith50, Armorer50, Smithing42, Carpentry38, Leatherworking36, Weaver31, Alchemy40, Culinarian29, Miner31, Botany26, Fishing50... guild mark bought skills: High Return, Pride of Labor, Brand of Ice, Manipulation, Hand of the Gods, Extrapolation, Nald'thal's Ward, Menphina's Ward, Deep Vigor, Solid Reason, ProspectIII, ProspectIV, ProspectV, TriangulateIV, Llymlaen's Ward, Truth of Seas... Training Books for crafts: Spinning Training, Glovemaking Training, Hatting Training, Weaving Training, Sheeting Training, Nailcasting Training, Smelting Training, Cobbling Training, Tawing Training, Tanning Training, Gemcutting Training, Bonecarving Training, Fletchery Training, Inlaying Training, Fish Cleaning Training, Chainweaving Training, Chemicking Training, Tacklecraft Training
    Additional Information: Battle Class Ranks: Gladiator-50, Pugilist-50, Marauder-50, Lancer-50, Shield-50, Conjury-50, Thaumaturgy-50... -All main storyline quests complete. -All 46 sideqeusts complet. -All Trade quests complete except r36 Leatherworking, Weaving, Carpentry, Mining, and Botany. -505 achievements -alot of misc equipment for all classes, along with alot of misc crafting materials.

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