Level 47 Cleric Elyos Female on Israphel

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    Main Characters Hit Points: 6558
    Main Characters Mana: 5980
    Main Characters Abyss Points: 27380
    Main Characters Abyss Rank: Rank 5
    Main Characters Skills (Describe): Great healer. Very easy.
    Main Characters Professions (Describe):
    Main Characters Equipment (Describe): Great gear. All gold gear. Full set sun touched.
    Select the number of characters over Level 20:
    All Assets (Describe): More gear and other stuff in bank

    Additional Information
    Great Account! I have other alts, but i do not remember the level or name. Collector's Edition! 8 months of veteran's rewards Great toon, pro at pvp, easy healer. I AM THE ORIGINAL OWNER OF THIS ACCOUNT! Has Game Time. I will be playing this account to make it more valuable, but as I raise it up it will cost a little bit more for the level.So if you want to pay the current price and raise it up yourself. I suggest you buy it now. I bought 2 different in game pets. The Wolf Auto-Loot and the Enemy Alert Monkey. 4 pieces of daeva armor. 8 mil kinah Have hot swimsuits(bikinis) Have 3 30s

    Total Kinah
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