Level 46 Male Sorcerer Asmodian on Zikel

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    Abyss Rank: Soldier, Rank 6
    Professions: Cooking, and some others, i forget.

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    Well it's a 46 sorcerer/collecters edition. Pretty well geared. It has quite a few alts. The sorc is on zikel-asmo. The alts are on that server and on israphel elyos. The character transfer is up, I'm pretty sure. I have not changed the names since the merge, so u can do that as well. The account has no game time left. I will decrease the price in order to compensate for that issue. There is about 1 mil kinah. I was going to offer $95, but since it has no game time I will make it or $80. BTW the "total kinah" above is just an estimate, rounded to the nearest hundred.

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