Level 44 Templar Elyos Male on Vaizel

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    Main Characters Hit Points: 6990
    Main Characters Mana: 3430
    Main Characters Abyss Points: 12050
    Main Characters Abyss Rank: Soldier, Rank 6
    Main Characters Skills (Describe): Doom Lure I Provoking Roar IV Break Power I Incite Rage III
    Main Characters Professions (Describe): Around 250-300 Armorsmithing
    Main Characters Equipment (Describe): Xenophon's Warhammer,Kunpapa’s Shield,Telemachus’s Breastplate,Heavenly God’s Plate Pauldrons,Researcher’s Plate Greaves,Heavenly God’s Gauntlets,Heavenly God’s Plate Boots,Sarantus’s Helm,Thrasymedes’ Mithril Necklace,Malonimus’s Earrings,Kutisen’s Earrings,2XRotan’s Ring,Worthy Noble Thick Leather Belt Alot of Crit +12 Manastones
    Select the number of characters over Level 20:
    Alternate Characters Server: Kaisinel
    Alternate Characters Level: 32
    Alternate Characters Gender: Male
    Alternate Characters Race: Elyos
    Alternate Characters Class: Ranger
    Alternate Characters Hit Points: 2446
    Alternate Characters Mana: 2345
    Alternate Characters Abyss Points: 4995
    Alternate Characters Abyss Rank: Soldier Rank 7
    Alternate Characters Skills (Describe): Silence Arrow I Sleep Arrow I Snare Trap I
    Alternate Characters Professions (Describe): None
    Alternate Characters Equipment (Describe): +4 Hannets Longbow,Abyss Pvp Shoulders,Full Green Armor set.
    All Assets (Describe): Alot of manastones in the bank as well as recipes,armor,resoruces

    Additional Information

    Total Kinah
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