Selling  Android  Level 300+ LEVEL 431, LOTS OF ELITE AND MYTHIC DIVINES FOR 500 USD

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    Good base with mythic from Corthnak, Pathox, Ronin, UVS, Meglok and Narlyth. Lineage Lusian and Archon and 2 abyssal dragon ready to cook after 435.
    Atack Power 17.7B
    Defense Power 4.98B
    Dark Flak Tower LVL 85
    Fire Flak Tower LVL 87
    208k egg tokens
    Over 100k troops
    Over 10 millions shards
    Lots of runes and glyp
    Over 2600 daily egg token from atlas and daily claim
    All elite for each element and max defense elite gear plus 4 mythic gear and elite mixed.
    Over 300 days of elite still remaining and couple of atlas elites for now. Lots of gold packs (around 70 millions gold)
    Oculex and Bilge is ready to incubate and need 7 fragments for Deagon
    Destroyer is 19 has lots of glory. You can get s2 destroyer after 1 level
    This is not fake or cheated account. It's hard work of around 5 years

    more information write me [email protected]

    Price 500$ Negotiable, Payment via Paypal F&F Only, BTC, Amazon Gift Card, Wester Union or Zelle
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