Level 41 Male Chanter on Zikel - Asmodian

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    Abyss Rank: Soldier rank 7
    Professions: Handicraft 208 Extract Vitality 235

    Additional Information
    Game time paid till almost end of december 2009 Level 41 chanter with full blue/green armor(including blue speed movement chain boot from doing mau hair quest and expert blue chain glove that add attack speed and blue staff from Finishing all morhelm campaign with full phy crit/parry mana stones slotted. Finish all campaign at already except those in abyss and belusan. have already bought in advance the lvl 44 stun resistant team mantra stigma and lvl 45 recovery stigma that regen 771+ hp every 2 seconds for 6 second with 10 second cooldown which is the best heal for chanter. Bought all skillbooks till 41 already

    Total Kinah
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.