Sold  Level 1-50  Android and iOS Level 36 Account. Barn:500. Silo:500. Coins:250000+. Diamonds:125+. (Multiple Available)

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    Supercell ID account.

    Boat, Neighborhoods, Mine, Fishing and Town have been built.

    In Fishing Lake, there are 8 spots available to use.

    3-day FREE Tom is available.

    7-day FREE farm helpers are available. (Note: Use this first before farm helper booster. Otherwise, 7-day FREE usage is gone!)

    Wildlife Sanctuary has been unlocked.

    18 crates in roadside shop. 4 pets.

    All available machines including Jeweler and Honey Extractor have been purchased.

    Coins: 250000+
    Silo: 500
    Barn: 500

    The price is fixed.

    I have done 100+ Middleman transactions. Gold verified seller.

    Please use [email protected] for communication.

    If you are new to Middleman service, after your payment, you are at step 3 below.
    The seller(Me) will wait for 3 way ticket in order to release the login info.

    How does it work?
    1). Sellers create and post middleman buy now listings
    2). Buyer clicks on buy now listing and completes payment
    3). We verify and secure the buyers payment (After your payment, you are here!)
    4). We create a 3 way conversation ticket with the Buyer and Seller
    5). We inform the Seller which specific account information they need to release to the Buyer
    6). During this process, we will communicate and guide both the Buyer and Seller
    7). Buyer secures and verifies the account
    8). Payment is then disbursed to the Seller
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