Level 30 on North America Server

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    Elo Rating: 841
    Total Influence Points: 4300
    Total Runes: 145
    Total Skins: 30
    All Champions (List): I have all of the good champions, the op and fun ones.
    All Runes (List): I have all of the runes needed to be competitive in ranked.
    All Skins (List): I have a bunch of regular adc skins and then for legendary skins i have penta kill olaf, demonblade tryndamere, pulsefire ezreal, slay belle katarina, and eternum nocturn (the red nocturn one)
    Account Creation Date: idk.

    Additional Information
    its just a smurf account i use to raise elo of other accounts. it has a lot of honor and never gets suspended. It has a bundle of champions needed for hours of fun. additionally this account has low elo already made for a smurf account.

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