Level 30 on North America Server

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    Elo Rating: 1566
    Total Influence Points: 4063
    Total Runes: 187
    Total Skins: 75
    All Champions (List): All champions are owned EXCEPT THE FOLLOWING; Lulu Sejuani Viktor Volibear Xerath Skarner Leona Brand Maokai Karma Trundle Malzahar Galio
    All Runes (List): Marks; Attack Speed x9 Armor Pen x9 Magic Pen x9 Crit chance x9 Armor x9 Physical damage x9 Seals; Gold per 10 x9 Mana regen x9 Armor x9 Physical damage x9 Health per level x9 Glyphs; Attack Speed x9 Mana regen x9 Scaling AP x9 Flat AP x9 Scaling MR x9 Flat MR x9 Quints; Attack speed x3 Gold per 10 x3 Health x3 Crit Chance x3 AP x3 Armor x3 Physical damage x3 Move speed x3
    All Skins (List): Most notable skins; Pax Jax Riot Graves Pax Sivir Arcade Sona Blood Lord Vladimir Demonblade Tryndamere Brolaf Battlecast Prime Cho' Gath Red Baron Corki
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